Emergency bugout-bag for children's unique physical, social and emotional needs
Emergency Bag for Kids
Emergency go bag for Children
Emergency comfort supplies for children
Safety and security emergency supplies
Medical and first aid emergency supplies

Emergency Bag for Kids

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LadyBugOut emergency bag is built for your child’s unique physical, social and emotional needs. But it’s more than a “bug-out” bag. It’s an interactive tool for your family to engage with and conquer the scary stuff together.

Created for the unique needs of children

Children need their own emergency bag? You’re right – your little one is unlikely to lead the neighborhood to safety, or trek on their own for days. However, FEMA says children are one of the most vulnerable communities and leading researchers have found that the psychological impacts of disasters on children is a great risk. Preparing them ahead of time by having conversations, familiarizing them, and engaging in practice increases a child’s confidence and security.

Children see the LadyBugOut bag as a bag of possibilities. Parents see it as an interactive tool to engage with their child about the scary stuff. Together, we will prepare you and your child to be more confident, empowered, and secure about life’s emergencies large and small.

Curated by Experts

Our team is comprised of experts with intimate experience in disaster planning, child psychology, medicine, nutrition, and education. We work with the military, city emergency planners, CERT, and disaster councils and contribute to the latest research and recommendations. We are also moms and know the importance of distilling those down to the practical and time restraint. Every item in the bag has been mindfully curated to spark interaction or a conversation  a learning tool to empower and build resilience in your child. We aim to keep you safer, together. 

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We’ve partnered with ethical companies that share our values for quality and are committed to helping your little ones live happier, healthier lives.

What's Inside

Safety & Security Supplies:

  • Black Diamond Wiz Headlamp
  • Crank Flashlight
  • 4-1 Safety Whistle
  • Two 12-hour Light Sticks
  • Emergency Solar Blanket
  • Poncho

First Aid Supplies:

  • Emergency ID bracelet
  • Me4kids Children’s First Aid Kit
  • ThinkSport Sunscreen Stick
  • Cleanwell Hand Sanitizing Spray
  • Bandana
  • Hothands Instant Hand Warmer
  • Me4Kids Cold Pack

Nutrition Pocket:

  • Four AquaBlox emergency drinking water (200 ml/box)
  • Waterproof Resealable Pouch

Comfort Pocket:

  • Shandali Quick Dry Travel Towel
  • LadyBugOut Disaster planning guide and workbook
  • Space to be customized by your child with items that comfort and entertain them

He Likes it! Mikey Likes it!

“We are OBSESSED with our LadyBugOut bag! Especially timely considering the recent earthquake.”  Nicole Landset Blank

“I told my eldest son that we were going to have an earthquake drill. His eyes lit up and he responded with, ‘Does that mean I get to eat something from my LadyBugOut bag?!’” Anna Forkner

“I love everything in the bag.” Ava, age 5

“My son loves his LadyBugOut bag. The biggest advantage is that this has sparked conversation about “emergency.” The bag is an easy access point because it is always in eye shot and also full of tasty and fun things. Preparedness is fun instead of doom and gloom. Thank you LadyBugOut!” – Soren Bowie

“The first thing my daughter said when she woke up this morning was, ‘no earthquake last night, so I didn’t have to use my LadyBugOut bag.’ “  Laney Schwartz

"The LadyBugOut bags have helped generate productive emergency preparedness conversations among my family of five - each of us feels more equipped for whatever may come our way" – Jennifer Schweitzer

“Wow! The LadyBugOut bag is SO cool and it’s aesthetically gorgeous.” —Natasha Wagner