Why Your Kids Need Their Own Disaster Bag

Why Your Kids Need Their Own Disaster Bag

Over the course of 20 years as a military reservist, I have led classes for hundreds of government, civilian and military disaster-planning experts. And whether the topic of discussion is big-picture strategy or more tactical elements such sheltering and evacuations, one of the major focuses of disaster planning is caring for our most vulnerable populations—namely, the elderly and children.

But even after spending years teaching and acquiring extensive expertise on emergency preparedness, what I wasn’t prepared for was the epiphany I had after my daughter was born.

In my research and discussions with disaster-planning teacher colleagues and military experts about how to best prepare and educate our children, what I discovered was that adult-centric disaster plans cannot simply be copied and pasted for kids. While I was confident in my ability to tend to my daughter’s physical needs in the event of a natural disaster, I realized I was unprepared to address the needs that exist under the surface. And I knew then that our family’s disaster plan had to change.

One of the most essential parts of disaster planning is ensuring everyone in your family has a “bug-out bag.” These grab-and-go toolkits originated in the military as a means to assist with survival in the event of a retreat or an emergency for the ensuing 72 hours, and they are stocked with supplies to meet essential nutritional, medical and sheltering needs.

Most children’s disaster bags on the market are simply smaller versions of an adult bag. And this is a problem. Children’s requirements are different than an adult’s, and their bags need to reflect the child’s holistic, developmental and psychological needs. As caretakers, it is our responsibility to advocate for and be aware of their unique needs and the ways in which they differ from our own.

That’s why we created LadyBug Out. The contents of this bag are unique not only in that they are tailored to meet the specific needs of children versus adults, but because they are also meant to be a fully customizable, engaging educational tool. The bag, along with information you can find here on the site and in your product materials, are meant to serve as a guide that empowers you and your family.

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