The Importance Of The “Get Started Workbook” In Your Bag

The Importance Of The “Get Started Workbook” In Your Bag
You may still be wondering what makes our bag so different from other emergency bags on the market. I'll start with the most obvious: The bag itself is unique in that it lies flat, with four clear sections that make it possible to immediately recognize the items inside. Each section is stocked with kid-centric products that are bright, colorful, safe, and easy to use. 

But of course, a bag is still just a bag. And while the unique design and carefully selected contents are an important distinction, they do not address all the unique needs of our children in the event of an emergency, or the broader mission of LadyBugOut for that matter.

After building the first prototypes of the bag, I quickly realized that we were still missing the most important element when it comes to emergency preparation for children: interaction. Research shows that children need to be included in conversations surrounding these topics because they are one of the two most vulnerable groups in a disaster. That means an absence of prior interaction with emergency tools and discussions of disaster increase the likelihood that your child will experience greater fear and anxiety in the event of a real emergency.

Thus, the Get Started Workbook was born. We knew we needed to incorporate a resource in the bag that would help facilitate necessary family interaction around the topic, while also providing children with psychological comfort in the event that they are separated from their parents in an emergency.

This is the most important distinction between the LadyBugOut bag and other bags on the market; a workbook is not something you would find in an adult bug out bag, and yet it is arguably the most important tool included in your child's bag. Why? Because it is a medium that can provide them comfort in a time of chaos and uncertainty. It also holds important information that first responders can use to keep your child safe, in addition to making the process of reunification much easier.

While we understand that talking to your young child about the scary stuff can seem really daunting, it is essential. If an emergency or natural disaster occurs, it's more than likely than not that you and your child will be separated. With over 14 million people in the greater Los Angeles area alone, reunification may take time. And so by talking to your child about what an emergency is, what they can expect, how they can use their LadyBugOut bag, and what your family's specific plan is, you can mitigate some of the fear and uncertainty that may ensue. 

And don't forget, we are here to help. There are many simple ways to explain emergencies without making them overtly scary. 

So what's in the workbook?

The first half of the Get Started Workbook will walk you through your initial interaction with the bag, all the different sections, how to involve your child, and the ways you can tailor their emergency bag to their specific needs. The second half of the workbook offers a series of worksheets that include space for important information specific to your child as well as other resources that will provide comfort in the event that the two of you are separated.

In the end, what we hope you will take away from the Get Started Workbook is that it is a way to facilitate interaction and guide families through the process of emergency planning. It's an opportunity for you and your child to explore, play, and learn together. In talking with families who have already integrated LadyBugOut bags into their planning efforts, one of the most effective approaches we've seen is parents sitting down with their children to make their way through the workbook in bite sizes. So, keep in mind that you don't have to tackle this all at once it all depends on your child's age and their ability to retain information.

Lastly: As you navigate your family's journey in emergency preparedness, we hope you'll partake in the LadyBugOut philosophy that while this may be a serious matter, the exploration of your bag should be fun! Share your experiences with us on Instagram by tagging us at @ladybugoutco, or ask us questions on our Facebook page.